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Friday, October 16, 2009

Montreal Fashion Week - Eve Gravel

Sabby V and I attended the Eve Gravel fashion show during Montreal fashion week.

Quebecer Eve Gravel was our COUP DE COEUR!

The spring/summer collection was young and was like a light summer breeze. The outfits alluded to a summer wedding, innocence, a bit of '70s - a bit of '60s... The outfits were amazing and had that girly yet tomboy-ish look to them. Here are some pictures (taken by our amazing friend and photographer Peipei):

Sabby V and I waiting for the show to start...

Before the show started...

She opened the show with a summer bride. What a way to open the show with a bang!


All the outfits had some cute headgear: headbands, flowers, Elizabethan looking caps...











Love this 'headgear'. Very young Elizabethan era...

Sabby V was totally in love with this sequin black vest!



In Montreal, Eve Gravel can be found at:
- Boutique Unicorn, 5135 St-Laurent
- Three Monkeys, 1970 Ste-Catherine W
- Delano, 70 St-Paul W
- La Baie
- Cokluch, 410A Villeray
- Agence Ka, 4482 Fabre

Check out the Eve Gravel site:

Celeb Look of the Week: Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is the celeb look of the week!

Honestly, Emmy Rossum has great style, and here are some of her recent looks.
Now if only her style was as good as the parts she gets in movies! I mean, poor girl's last job was the Dragonball movie!
Well at least she's in college and has an amazing singing career going on.

Emmy Rossum and John Legend celebrate the grand opening of The W Hotel in Washington DC
Love this look! The dress on its own is rather simple, but boots and accessories give it a sexy yet classy look.

Celebrities on the streets of Sundance Film Festival in Utah
Great fall look for Montreal as well!

Emmy Rossum and boyfriend Justin Siegel head to Jay-Z's post-Grammy party at Katsuya
Sequins are in this season and so are chain-link bags. I love the little white bolero (? I think that's what it's called) that she's wearing. Lots of different textures in this outfit...

Emmy Rossum having a mani pedi on Bedford Drive
The look is great until you get to the feet, but forgive her; she just had a mani-pedi!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dress to Kill Magazine party & Designers Remix

After the Createurs Francais fashion show at Marche Bonsecours, Sabby V and I headed to Hotel W for the Dress to Kill Magazine party. We had to work early the next morning and so we couldn't stay very late! Nonetheless, we were able to get some pictures of the models wearing Designer Remix clothing. Here are some pics:

And these three girls were french fashionistas at the party that night. We loved their style and wanted to get a picture of them! We spoke to them after and they were the sweetest things ever!
Merci pour la photo!

Montreal Fashion Week: Les Createurs Francais

Sabby V and I bought tickets to Montreal Fashion Week's 'Les Createurs Francais' fashion show on Tuesday. The show was an interesting eclectic mix of designers from France.

Here are some pictures from the show (I took them myself, so they aren't the greatest quality...!):

Our fave designer was likely the last one of the night, David Kurtis (the dresses)
What do you think?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Montreal Street Fashion: Latest fall street trends!

Montreal's latest fall street trends, as witnessed by Carrie L and Sabby V on a very busy Ste-Catherine street, this past Saturday (thank you to everyone who let us take a picture of them!!!):

She was super nice for letting us take her picture (our first!)
First of all, we love her sunglasses and hair-cut! If this photo had only been a headshot, she would've looked super cool! Also, we love her jacket. We saw lots of these bomber jackets throughout the streets that day (seemingly, Montrealers' fall jacket of choice!), but this was the first jacket we saw in gray. Gray's a great color for fall, it goes with everything and is a great alternative to black!

First of all, these girls were the cutest things ever! We noticed them from far - they were little rays of sunshine, laughing and giggling and just having a great time. They helped lighten up our day, because up until then, we were having a pretty hard time finding people willing to get their photo taken!
These girls were wearing some of the latest fall trends: little booties, chain-linked purse, boyfriend sweater, leather bomber jackets, skinny jeans. What fashionistas!

You know, there are vibes you get from certain couples that make you think: 'Wow they are such a great cute couple!'. This cute couple not only matched each other in their countenance but also in their clothes! Love the jackets, her long shirt with tights, his belt, her purse!

We love his jacket ("Note to self: buy one for your bf") and we love the jeans he's wearing. Those converse sneakers are making such a come-back, we saw lots of them on the street that day. We love her blazer, her jeans and her boots. We love how she paired her look with a simple black tee - very casual chic!

Very original look. Their style made us think back to when Nirvana was like god. Those were great times. Love the little booties. We love how these girls wore their shorts with tights - it's unique and we think Jenny Humphrey from 'Gossip Girl' has maybe been copying them. Love the plaid scarves - plaid is one of the latest fall trends (just like back to the Nirvana days... oh those days were great...)

Taken in front of the Eaton Centre. Love the bomber jacket and the sequined skirt is very in. We saw a couple of these on the street that day, and tonight saw a couple more (at the Montreal Fashion Week shows).

Here are the converse sneakers again! Very 1980s (the good part of the 80s hehe) - we love them! The coats that these girls were wearing were to die for. Love the high-boots!

More Montreal street fashion to come!